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Wet Bathing Suit Bags

I love the beach and I love traveling! Since I love the water I always have a wet bikini to tote home from my trips to the beach or on vacation. Here are some cute solutions to bringing home your wet bikini from your summer fun! :)


Bag for Your Wet Bikini or Bathing Suit

Wet Bikini Bag

Wet Bikini Bag

Throw your wet bikini into our Wet Bikini Bag! This bag has an inner plastic lining so the water from your wet bikini will not seep through to the other items in your bag. This is a definite must-have for the girl on -the-go who needs to get up and go. The bag is adorned with sequins and embellishment to make safeguarding your things stylish and glamorous.

I always have wet bikinis to bring home from vacation because I stay in the water right up until its time to go! This bag is perfect for not getting everything in my suitcase wet.

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