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Beach Scented Candle by Yankee Candle

I love the smell of Hawaiian Tropic. If they were to make a perfume that smelled like Hawaiian Tropic I would buy it! When I look for a beach scented candle for my home I always look for one that smells like sun tan lotion. Beach Party by Yankee Candle is the closest scent I can find and I love it!

Yankee Candle® Home Classics Jar Candle – Beach Party (22 oz)

Teach Your Child to Preserve the Beach

Green Toys Sand Play Set

Teach your child that they can do their part to preserve the coast with Green Toy’s Sand Play Set. The 4-piece collection constructed from plastic milk jugs saves energy and encourages recycling.

Bag for Your Wet Bikini or Bathing Suit

Wet Bikini Bag

Wet Bikini Bag

Throw your wet bikini into our Wet Bikini Bag! This bag has an inner plastic lining so the water from your wet bikini will not seep through to the other items in your bag. This is a definite must-have for the girl on -the-go who needs to get up and go. The bag is adorned with sequins and embellishment to make safeguarding your things stylish and glamorous.

I always have wet bikinis to bring home from vacation because I stay in the water right up until its time to go! This bag is perfect for not getting everything in my suitcase wet.

Beach Themed Dog Bowls

Dog Daze Flip-Flop Bowl Gift Set

Dog Daze Flip-Flop Bowl Gift Set

Bark-a-rita Margarita Dog Bowl Gift Set

Bark-a-rita Margarita Dog Bowl Gift Set

Bark-tini Martini Shaped Dog Bowl Gift Set

Bark-tini Martini Shaped Dog Bowl Gift Set

When I saw the flip flop dog bowl I fell in love! I purchased the martini dog bowls for my dog Toy a few years ago. I love them and they match the theme that my home is decorated in. The martini bowls also prevent your dog from leaning over into the bowl and straining their neck.

Key Lime Mojito Recipe


I am heading to the beach for four nights over Labor Day weekend. I found this recipe for a key lime mojito and plan on drinking them by the pool. You can  add ice and blend it (pictured above) for a frozen drink. If you like your drinks on the rocks, it will turn out like the picture below! Cheers!


* 2.5 ounces Captain Morgan Parrot Bay Key Lime
* 2.5 ounces club soda
* 2 sprigs mint
* 1 wedge lime


Muddle mint.
Fill glass with ice.
Add Parrot Bay Key Lime and club soda.
Garnish with a lime wedge.


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