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5 Tips to Look Your Best in Your Bikini this Year!

Summer is fast approaching and most of us dread bathing suit shopping to begin with. Then to show up at the beach or pool with it on is another story. We all feel self conscious and each of us have our own tricks to cover up a problem area. Whether you wear a sarong to cover up your backside or wear a one piece to cover up your middle, we all have some area that we would rather not show. Lets gets in shape this year and feel a little better in our bathing suit. Here are some tips to look better in your bikini!

1. Tan skin looks better than white skin! It can help hide cellulite in your legs. Apply a self tanner the night before you go to the beach so that you don’t show up looking pasty white. I use the Jergens self tanner and love it!

2. Avoid carbohydrates before going to the pool or beach. They make your stomach bloated and leave you feeling less than cute in your bathing suit. Even a few croutons a salad can make you a little bloated.

3. Drink plenty of water. This is for overall good health and makes your skin healthier.

4. Stand up straight! A person looks taller and thinner if they have good posture as supposed to a person that is slouching.

5. I usually don’t wear that much makeup when I go to the beach but I always wear waterproof mascara. It draws peoples attention to my face rather than my body and it lasts all day.

Decorating with Beach Sand

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I love to go to the beach and bring back souvenirs. I was looking through my favorite magazine, Coastal Living and saw a great idea.
Every time you go to a different beach I collect sand from it. I will usually have a water bottle with me and when it is empty I will put some sand in it. Then I will buy a cheap clear glass jar from Michaels or any craft store and place the sand in the bottle. Then I use my label maker and label the bottle with the date and what beach I was at.
With all of the bottles of sand lined up together it looks great. You can see different colors of sand, different textures and different sizes of grains. Some beaches are pure white sand and some have broken shells in the sand. It personalizes the decor in your home and makes for good conversation when guests are over.
I only wish I had seen this idea sooner because I missed out on bringing back sand from a few different islands that I have been to.

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